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A freelance personal sportswear stylist. Providing affordably stylish recommendations for workout and lifestyle apparel and equipment.

Workout gear and athleisure many styles, so comfortable, why wouldn't you rock sportswear as much as possible?

Whether exercising, lounging at home, I've got you covered. 

My aim is to inspire as many women as possible to live a healthier lifestyle, and bring confidence and determination to women's lives. The clothes we wear can play a big part. Stand out from the crowd in stylish pieces - become the stronger version of yourself. 

Recommending clothes so all women can feel more empowered.

Gone are the days of simple cuts, basic materials, and a small palette of colors and patterns when it comes to performance and casual wear. The playing field has been amped up -- bring on the style and multifunctionality!

Whether you're taking care of errands around town, getting after an at-home workout, getting your pump on at the gym, running, in a studio, playing tennis or golf, or playing in nature, there's comfortable and stylish sportwear for each occasion. Why not feel good, look good, and have fun with your sportswear?

Women who live life without limits. Why not feel confident and excited about the sportswear you're rocking?!

Looking for a wardrobe refresh? Specific pieces you're looking for?

  • Sports bras

  • Pants

  • Shorts

  • Jackets

  • Shoes


Gyms are great, but not necessary for a killer workout. Interested in workout equipment recommendations? Not a lot of space?


Contact 3sneaks to learn more. 

All services will occur online or over the phone. Services are available to individual athletes, small groups, or teams.

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