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Hi, I'm Brooke.

I'm a health and sport lover who founded a company to help empower greater success for athletes, teams, sports clubs, and businesses through a shared passion for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

During my years in the athletic world, I saw under-prepared athletes; players who missed college scholarship opportunities; and players and parents left dissatisfied with sports camps that delivered minimal skill improvement.


I decided that I wanted to offer my own coaching, training, and consulting services to athletes and their families. This is how 3sneaks was born in September 2010.


Next steps...I set up an LLC, created a basic website and spiffy brochure, and spent most of my money on sports equipment and gear. I started training athletes, helping families navigate the college recruiting process, and running elite youth hockey clinics in the U.S. and Canada.

How did I land on my company name and logo? I've been superstitiously attached to the number “3” since the age of eight. And, “sneaks” is short for “sneakers” -- which symbolizes physical activity. So there you go, 3sneaks became the company name, and an image of 3 sneakers became one of my logos. The three sneakers also represent the company's tagline;


Commit to improve.

Prepare to succeed.

Achieve in sports, college, business, and life.

Fast forward to now, I've gained over 20 years of combined work experiences as an athlete, coach, athletic administrator, business owner, marketing professional, and project/product manager. My unique background positions me to offer a wide range of services which support the development of athletes, sports programs, and health and wellness companies.

My multifaceted path has fed my creative juices and curiosity about people and ideas. This, paired with being a health and functional medicine enthusiast, doer, and having a desire to live a balanced life (no surprise, I'm a Libra!) are other reasons why 3sneaks still exists today.

What brings me joy? Coffee, friends, family, dogs, exercise, outdoor adventures, helping others, the search for the best scone, athletic clothes (yes, I do own regular clothes too), amazing food, music, design, and ME time.

I've had opportunities to work with some reputable health and wellness, sport and fitness, and outdoor brands and organizations. Here's a sampling...


• NFL • NFLPA • NHL • NWHL • NCAA • Pac-12 • ACC •

• National Institutes of Health (NIH) • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) •

• UCSF • UCLA • UPMC • One Mind • Schultz Family Foundation • 

• Oakley • VICIS • Bulletproof 360 • Cascade Designs • Hilco Vision Outdoor • • Kokatat • Oiselle • Wahoo Fitness • Stanley (PMI Worldwide) • Simms Fishing •
• SOG Knives •
 Chris Kresser LLC • Shine Functional Medicine •

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