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Are you a sports organization, athletic department, or a business in the health, wellness and fitness industry? Looking for someone to streamline your business processes and to increase productivity, visibility, and profits? 
As a health and sport business owner myself, I can relate to wearing many hats.

What began as me helping a friend who was opening a functional medicine clinic has now become a service I offer to other businesses and organizations.

I combine a long-time passion for health and wellness with several years of knowledge and experience in the sports and business worlds. My unique background can support your business needs and goals.

Not sure if hiring a virtual business consultant is right for you? Check out my services below. Fill out the inquiry form, and then I will contact you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Consult Call. Let's chat about you, the story of your business, current challenges, and how I can help.

MARKETING & Branding

* Market analysis - competitors, industry, customers *
* Strategic marketing plans *
* Consistent & unified branding *


* Content management * 
* Creation & editing *
* Website, emails, images, infographics, workflow documents, presentations, printed marketing materials *


* Website development & ongoing management *
* Content updates - copy, images, page layouts * 
* UX changes *


* Research, create, & advise development plans *
* Create workflow processes *
* Oversee digital, print, event, & administrative projects for products, programs, services
* Email & file management *

All services will occur online or over the phone. Services are available to sports organizations, athletic departments, and health and wellness businesses.

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