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Brooke's passion for food started in the kitchen with her mother growing up, and while participating on various sports teams. As she matured, so did her curiosity for nutrition -- tastes, nutrients in food, how the body uses nutrients, along with the role and affects they play on athletic performance and people's overall health.

Her journey as an elite athlete provided an amazing 20-year testing ground. Nutrition played a significant role in fueling her training, optimizing her performance, and aiding in her recovery.  

After playing for the U.S. Women's National Hockey Team and the National Women's Professional Hockey League (NWHL), she continued to pursue her interest in the science of human nutrition, specifically functional medicine and holistic nutrition. The foods we eat play a vital role in our health and how we feel. Food is medicine.

Driven not only by the desire to help her clients, but also fulfill her intellectual curiosity, Brooke continues to evolve by studying the latest research and evaluating competing theories in order to provide individualized recommendations for her clients. Whether she's working with individuals or teams, youth or adults, there is no greater satisfaction she finds than helping someone feel better and empowering them to live a fuller life.

Interested in working with Brooke to experience the benefits of incorporating functional foods? Contact 3sneaks to learn more.

Contact 3sneaks to learn more. 

All services will occur online or over the phone. Services are available to individual athletes, small groups, or teams.



Combining my passion for health and wellness with my years of knowledge and experience in the sports and business worlds has provided me the perfect blend to support other entrepreneurs and small businesses.

administrative support to multiple functions on the operations team

Online manager who provides support for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, managing daily business operations, streamlining processes to save time and increase productivity

Professional and hard working, yet approachable and team player.

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