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For those of you who prefer longer-term guidance, this is a great option at a reduced cost! Using the information provided during the Kickoff Consultation, I will create an individualized 2-year plan that is based on your grade level. 

If you would like to learn more about how my unique background has enabled me to successfully
guide many athletes to their ideal college, go here

Happy to also share these testimonials.

Kickoff consultation required prior to starting a package.



* Customized college plan based on individual goals and Kickoff Consultation assessment *

* Provide helpful NCAA and/or ACHA documents *

* Eight 30 min. player check-in calls (discuss progress, review next steps, Q&A) *

* Support throughout the term of the two-year package *



Interested in a 3-year high school package? Contact 3sneaks for planning and pricing.

2-Yr HS Package

All services will occur in-person, by phone, or online.
Packages are available to individual athletes and their families.
To purchase the Kickoff Consultation and a package, email

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